Vice squad - a dog is for life

"He has outgrown four ceremonial coats, undergone a career change (his official title is now Gavel VRD, 'Vice-Regal Dog'), and brought untold joy to the lives of the governor, Mrs de Jersey, Government House staff, and the thousands of Queenslanders who have since visited the estate," Governor Paul de Jersey’s office told the BBC .

As the series progresses, however, Rukia is captured by the Soul Society's Soul Reaper military for giving her powers to Ichigo, and she is sentenced to death. Ichigo and his friends go to save her and are forced to fight against many of the Soul Society's Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Eventually, the fifth Squad Captain Sōsuke Aizen , the third Squad Captain Gin Ichimaru , and the ninth Squad Captain Kaname Tosen all defect from the Soul Society at the time of the rescue and start a plan, interrupting Ichigo's battles, to gain greater power with the arrancars , focusing the story with the main antagonist Sōsuke Aizen.

Vice Squad - A Dog Is For LifeVice Squad - A Dog Is For LifeVice Squad - A Dog Is For LifeVice Squad - A Dog Is For Life